Sunday, March 27, 2011

Brazil Mission Part 1 to Part 10

Here are some of the Brazil Mission/Boss Fights Walkthrough.There is a total of 65 parts

Part 1: Ah,Brazil

Part 2: Draw Their Attention

Part 3: Duck The Police

Part 4: Lieutenant Emilio Sandoval

This Part is just a Boss Fight and you can get the reward!

Part 5: Worse Than We Thought

Part 6: Touch And Go

Part 7: Traitor Among Us

Part 8: Pablo Alvares "The Dockmaster"

This part is also a boss fight and it is a tough fight.Do not leave the fight at all that include
get kill by the boss.It will regenerate to full health if you leave the battle 4-5 times.(At least that what happen to me)

Part 9:Enemy Of My Enemy

Part 10:The Jungle Camp

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