Thursday, April 7, 2011

Friendly Fire Mission Strategy

  This week we've been set up and it's friendly fire! So Here's the info on the missions..

Collect From Your Warehouse (2x)
Job: Do Some Late night Shopping (10x)
Take out 5 familiar looking bodyguards (7 Stamina Each)

Mistaken Identity
Get Mafia To Join Your Crew (5x)
Build 2 Weapons
Rob 15 Properties In NY

The Flip Side
Win 20 Fights In Bangkok
Win 1 Wat

Unbreakable Bonds
Get Mafia To Join Your Crew (1x)
Ice 4 Opponents In Italy

Last One
Defeat 6 Hapless Henchmen (6 Stamina Each)
Rob 15 Properties In Brazil
Loot 3 Radio Phones (Job: "Pilfer from a Rebel Supply House")

Zero Tolerance
Win 25 Fights in Brazil
Declare a War 1 Time
Get Mafia To Join Your Crew (4x)

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