Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Mystery Bag - The Superherd Collection

Zynga just released a new Mystery Bag Collection today.  Seems to be a very difficult collection at first glance as 200 opened bags yielded just 1 piece.  The vault bonus is very nice as it gives you 20 skill points to do with what you please.  Doubtful there is a revault option, but not positive on that one yet.  For those who are wondering, I added 3 of them to my wishlist before I opened all the bags and didn't get a single wishlist item.  I usually get 6-10 "You've received an item from your Wishlist" mystery bags per day.  Also, a few Mafia Wars players I talked to have said that they received a piece in a mystery bag and it did not show up in their inventory.  No word yet if this is a glitch in the display or the inventory system


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